About Eclat World

About Eclat World?

We Built a Decentralized

Ecosystem To Build Trust

We are dedicated to building a trusted and secure Decentralized ecosystem world that empowers you. Where you can work, play, buy, sell, create and engage socially. Where you have safety and privacy in your digital communities. Where you are confident when interacting with others. Where this digital future is available to all. We also reshape businesses and workflows with solutions that power innovation. Our advance technologists and experts come from the markets we serve, giving us deep industry knowledge and insights into the problems our customers face.

Core Features

Eclat World Features

Eclat is simple and secure platform for digital asset exposure, and Eclat new advance Technologies, via its subsidiaries, offers digital asset Exchange Traded Products (ELT) available via traditional banks, foreign exchange and brokers in Europe.

ELT Staking

Earn rewards on a number of different assets in a decentralized and non-custodial manner.

Foreign Exchange Trading

Eclat's establishing a foreign exchange trading platform based on blockchain technology with sensible.

Eclat Ventures

Eclat research-based early-stage venture arm backs ambitious founders and high potential projects and networks across decentralised finance.

We Connect Business Community

The Magic Behind Eclat Decentralized Finance

Eclat intend to build a advance platform of what we believe will be the world’s leading DeFi names. We call this our Eclat World platform. Worldwide business investors looking for a one-click way to get access to a broad base of early-stage Eclat Defi platform can now simply buy shares of Eclat Smart blokchain Technologies instead of trying to guess which protocol will make it. Eclat world of tokens that you can interact with across these financial products.

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